Fringe with benefits

When I was living in Colorado I made a monochromatic fringe garland for the front porch and I enjoyed seeing it blow in the wind with the Rocky Mountain foothills in the background.  I could take a look at the garland from the window and if it was fluttering in the wind then I’d know how many layers I should wear if I ventured outside.

Now that I’m living in Santa Cruz I have a concrete backyard so I decided to expand upon the project and make something more colorful to brighten up the place.  I ended up making a 50 foot fringe garland with yarn + rope and it energizes the space perfectly.  It still dances on windy days adding movement and cheer to the concrete backyard.  The photos below show the fringe making process as well as some fun had while dancing with a 50′ roll of fringe and throwing it into the air.


Fringe with benefits from Katie Maeve Scott on Vimeo.





Fringe Garland Installation from Katie Maeve Scott on Vimeo.