My mind was blown by the YoGoGirls when I saw this image of a super strong woman doing a handstand while balancing a bicycle on her legs.  I felt inspired.  I needed to see more and I had a lot of questions.


For example, did someone place the bike on her legs, or did she lift that thing up there by herself?

Did she get bike grease all over her legs?

And did someone help her “dismount”?

How long did she hold this pose for the camera?

Were there any unfortunate moments where the bicycle went crashing to the floor?

I’d love to see the outtakes of these images.

The YoGoGirls describe themselves as, “Designers, photographers, cyclists, triathletes, yogis & fun-havers!”  They are my kindred spirits.  I am inspired by their strength, eye for design, and cleverly ripped/re-purposed clothing.  Below I will post some of my favorites from their Instagram account (they also have a blog here) and weave in my own “core strength” videos for a powerhouse stream of inspiration.

yogo_katiemaevescott002 yogo_katiemaevescott003

core katiemaevescott001 from Katie Maeve Scott on Vimeo.

yogo_katiemaevescott004 yogo_katiemaevescott005


core katiemaevescott002 from Katie Maeve Scott on Vimeo.


yogo_katiemaevescott008 yogo_katiemaevescott009

core katiemaevescott003 from Katie Maeve Scott on Vimeo.

yogo_katiemaevescott010 yogo_katiemaevescott011

yogo_katiemaevescott012 yogo_katiemaevescott013

core katiemaevescott004 from Katie Maeve Scott on Vimeo.

yogo_katiemaevescott014 yogo_katiemaevescott015

core katiemaevescott005 from Katie Maeve Scott on Vimeo.

yogo_katiemaevescott016 yogo_katiemaevescott017

core katiemaevescott006 from Katie Maeve Scott on Vimeo.

yogo_katiemaevescott018 yogo_katiemaevescott019

core katiemaevescott009 from Katie Maeve Scott on Vimeo.

yogo_katiemaevescott020 yogo_katiemaevescott021

core katiemaevescott011 from Katie Maeve Scott on Vimeo.

yogo_katiemaevescott022 yogo_katiemaevescott023

core katiemaevescott012 from Katie Maeve Scott on Vimeo.

yogo_katiemaevescott024 yogo_katiemaevescott025

core katiemaevescott013 from Katie Maeve Scott on Vimeo.

yogo_katiemaevescott026 yogo_katiemaevescott027

core katiemaevescott014 from Katie Maeve Scott on Vimeo.



Tribute to my friend Lara

This is a tribute to my dear friend Lara.  We’ve lived in two different cities together and recently she helped me move halfway across the country to yet another home away from home.  I am thankful to have such a sweet, creative, intelligent friend who provides so much joy + inspiration in my life.


Katie + Lara, December 2014, Colorado

We didn’t have much time for road trip photos, but we managed to snap a few of the in between moments.  Here Lara is making me laugh as we use the remaining produce in the refrigerator to make what turned out to be a very “Earthy” juice for the road trip.lara_kms002


extra fancy carrot worthy of documentation


I’ll miss having Lara in my kitchen!


Glittering fox spirit guide for the road trip


chilly winter views, south of Denver


Lara’s adorable road trip sandal/sock combo. Yes, she lifted heavy boxes while wearing these. She’s phenomenal.


hello winter, it’s been a while…

Lara helped unpack, too!  She’s a real trooper.  And the best part is that she let me dress her up and style her for some photos with all the random stuff we unpacked.  Ain’t she something else!?



discovery: nail polish at altitude has an attitude


the cutest one!

Lara recently challenged me to do the #stopdropandyoga challenge.  In response I created these two yoga videos below for her this week.  They include two songs that we listened to on repeat while on our road trip.  They’re very meditative and somewhat sleepy songs, so I’m not sure how we stayed awake with this soundtrack while traveling through the dark, lonely roads of eastern Utah, but somehow we managed.

Song – “Asleep” by The Smiths

Song- “Magpie to the Morning (Bonus Track)” by Neko Case

If you like yoga and are in the San Diego area please take my friend Lara’s Ashtanga class at Namaste Pacific Yoga and Wellness Center in Hillcrest.  Her class is challenging, restorative, and you’ll be just as mesmerized as I am by her Southern charm.

Creative workout ideas

I met a cool chick named Libby yesterday.  She works at Elan Yoga & Fitness where I’m trying out their awesome yoga membership intro special- $20 for 20 days!  You get to take as many yoga classes as you’d like AND you also have full access to their gym.  I was so pleased to step foot in a gym again because I feel at home there.  I went right to the treadmill to do my core workout and was happy as a clam.

Libby complimented me on my bizarre treadmill workout.  She liked it.  Most people probably just think I look strange, but Libby called my workouts “creative” and “bad ass.”  I’ll take it!  I told her that I have a bunch of videos that I’d share with her on my blog, but she also inspired me to put together this mash-up video below featuring some of the more “inventive” workouts that I’ve come up with.  I find that the stronger I get the more I can experiment and come up with new tricks.  Also, each machine in the gym has so much more potential than its “intended use” if you take the time to discover it.  Access to a gym is not required because the same holds true for chairs, benches and other objects at home (see last clip in video).  Thanks for making me feel inspired Libby!

Song- “Come On Petunia” by The Blow

plank crawl for Liz 💪

I created this video for my sister, a wonderful mother of four amazing kids who are all under the age of five.

Needless to say she has very little time for herself. One of her goals this year is to strengthen her core and I told her that she has the key to that in her basement- a treadmill. I’m not talking about running or walking here (boring!). I’m talking about the plank crawl on the treadmill and the time investment is extremely minimal.

These plank crawl moves are a combination of tricks I learned from circuit class, the internet, and just playing around on the treadmill. I typically do this work out a few times a week, holding each move for about one minute with no rest in between. It ends up taking about 15 minutes and I’m trembling by the end. Even if you tried just one of these moves for 30 seconds you would still get a great core strengthening workout. Start there- one exercise per day, thirty-second commitment. I guarantee you’ll come back for more.

Happy Mother’s Day to my sister, my Mom and all the beautiful, inspiring and dedicated mommas out there.

Disclaimer and other notes:
Please excuse the shaky video- it’s gorilla style.
When the treadmill is moving in this video it is only at a rate of 1 mph. That’s not very fast but please be careful when transitioning.
Also, I’m not a fitness expert so please know your limits and try this only at your own risk (Liz, you can totally do this! I love you).

Song: Play it Right by Sylvan Esso

plank crawl from Katie Maeve Scott on Vimeo.