My mind was blown by the YoGoGirls when I saw this image of a super strong woman doing a handstand while balancing a bicycle on her legs.  I felt inspired.  I needed to see more and I had a lot of questions.


For example, did someone place the bike on her legs, or did she lift that thing up there by herself?

Did she get bike grease all over her legs?

And did someone help her “dismount”?

How long did she hold this pose for the camera?

Were there any unfortunate moments where the bicycle went crashing to the floor?

I’d love to see the outtakes of these images.

The YoGoGirls describe themselves as, “Designers, photographers, cyclists, triathletes, yogis & fun-havers!”  They are my kindred spirits.  I am inspired by their strength, eye for design, and cleverly ripped/re-purposed clothing.  Below I will post some of my favorites from their Instagram account (they also have a blog here) and weave in my own “core strength” videos for a powerhouse stream of inspiration.

yogo_katiemaevescott002 yogo_katiemaevescott003

core katiemaevescott001 from Katie Maeve Scott on Vimeo.

yogo_katiemaevescott004 yogo_katiemaevescott005


core katiemaevescott002 from Katie Maeve Scott on Vimeo.


yogo_katiemaevescott008 yogo_katiemaevescott009

core katiemaevescott003 from Katie Maeve Scott on Vimeo.

yogo_katiemaevescott010 yogo_katiemaevescott011

yogo_katiemaevescott012 yogo_katiemaevescott013

core katiemaevescott004 from Katie Maeve Scott on Vimeo.

yogo_katiemaevescott014 yogo_katiemaevescott015

core katiemaevescott005 from Katie Maeve Scott on Vimeo.

yogo_katiemaevescott016 yogo_katiemaevescott017

core katiemaevescott006 from Katie Maeve Scott on Vimeo.

yogo_katiemaevescott018 yogo_katiemaevescott019

core katiemaevescott009 from Katie Maeve Scott on Vimeo.

yogo_katiemaevescott020 yogo_katiemaevescott021

core katiemaevescott011 from Katie Maeve Scott on Vimeo.

yogo_katiemaevescott022 yogo_katiemaevescott023

core katiemaevescott012 from Katie Maeve Scott on Vimeo.

yogo_katiemaevescott024 yogo_katiemaevescott025

core katiemaevescott013 from Katie Maeve Scott on Vimeo.

yogo_katiemaevescott026 yogo_katiemaevescott027

core katiemaevescott014 from Katie Maeve Scott on Vimeo.



If M.I.A. Made a Music Video in the Colorado Wilderness

Trail cameras are great because you never know what type of photos you’ll end up with (if any).  We strapped ours to a tree for a few weeks in hopes of seeing a mountain lion but the results were mostly pine trees swaying and deer grazing.  Still, the surprise element is exciting and it feels like developing film.

Donald showed me how to use masks in Photoshop to create some entertaining results.  Below are a few of our collaborations and some pleasant surprises captured by the Bushnell trail and game camera.  I call this series, “If M.I.A. Made a Music Video in the Colorado Wilderness.”


Please disregard the inaccurate date and time stamp on these photos.  They were shot this Spring in Colorado (2015).







The photo below shows why I never wear headphones when out in public and especially not while I’m deep in the woods.  I love to work out to music (especially listening to M.I.A.), but I prefer to know what’s going on around me when I’m outside. Lions and tigers and bears, oh my!


And below is an outtake (taken with an iPhone, not with the Bushnell camera) showing some of the props that I brought with me for this project.  I jogged ~ 3.5 miles up a mountain with 1,800+ elevation gain and a day-pack full of non-essentials (including lipstick + gold hoop earrings).


More to come because this was a really fun project and the fawns should be showing up in the mountains any day now…

*Note* No animals were injured during this photo shoot, however, I fell a few times while jumping around trying to activate the camera sensor.

Art of Sailing

I have a habit of jotting down inspirational quotes for myself often, but I wanted to share this one that I found a while back.


Buy a print of this from the seller PinQuotes on Etsy!


It also relates to Meghan Currie’s latest time-lapse yoga video.  I’ve already mentioned that I’m a huge fan of her work and find her to be an incredibly motivating force in my life.  In this video she remains steady and graceful as a tropical storm forcefully passes by.  I think you’ll enjoy this video as much as I do.

She also includes a beautiful Alan Watts quote with her video:

“Ecstasy is something higher, or further out, than ordinary pleasure… its achievement requires a particular discipline and skill that is comparable to the art of sailing. We do not resist the vibrations, pulses, and rhythms of nature, just as the yachtsman does not resist the wind. But he knows how to manage his sails and, therefore, can use the wind to go wherever he wishes. The art of life, as we see it, is navigation.” ~Alan Watts

play with your food

I say—>  it’s okay to play with your food as long as you eat it after the fun is over.


strawberry lips


turmeric root lungs


pineapple lips


Elephantiasis of a fingerling potato (+ sweet potato)


banana face-mask


scalloped parsnip




tomato tit


raw garlic man

sneaker pop!

If I were the little sister to one of the world’s most famous pop stars what would I do to stand out?

I would do what Solange Knowles is doing- her own thing!  The shadow of big sis Beyonce does not fall upon this singer, DJ, dancer and street style star.  In late 2013 Solange was named Art Director and Creative Consultant for Puma. In her role, Solange not only co-designed two lines of colorful sneakers for the brand, but also art directed their campaigns. I absolutely love the art direction for Puma’s “Girls of Blaze” and “Wild Wonders” campaigns.  The set design is clean and simple allowing for the color and product to tell the story.  The models look like they were just interrupted from practicing their handstands and planks and stopped briefly to let the photographer snap a photo.  The images are fresh, energetic and make me feel like putting on my MAC Lady Danger lipstick, Essie Tart Deco nail polish and Pumas right this second for a 12 minute AMRAP workout!

Here are a few of my favorite images/videos from Puma’s “Girls of Blaze” and “Wild Wonders” campaigns:

solange_puma_katiemaevescott001Solange created an early buzz about the new Puma sneaker line by releasing this sexy photo below on her instagram account.










03483 Solange AW14 Collection Banner 24x40




solange_puma_katiemaevescott015I love navigating the world in sneakers!

tuck jumps + kitty balm

“We grow at all levels by expending energy beyond our ordinary limits and then recovering.  Expose a muscle to ordinary demand and it won’t grow.  With age it will actually lose strength.  The limiting factor in building any “muscle” is that many of us back off at the slightest hint of discomfort.  To meet increased demand in our lives, we must learn to systematically build and strengthen muscles wherever our capacity is insufficient.  Any form of stress that prompts discomfort has the potential to expand our capacity- physically, mentally, emotionally or spiritually- so long as it is followed by adequate recovery.”

– From The Power of Full Engagement: Managing Energy, Not Time, Is the Key to High Performance and Personal Renewal by Jim Loehr and Tony Schwartz
The quote above from The Power of Full Engagement resonates with me.  Loehr and Schwartz suggest seeking balance physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.  Approach life as if you are a professional sprinter by training with intense engagement and equally intense renewal.
I created a plyometric workout video below that involves a lot of jumping (very intense physical engagement) and is dedicated to my friends Catherine and Renee.  They’re both really busy ladies and were interested in a quick, effective workout that would leave them feeling exhausted, energized, and hopefully balanced in a new way.
  1. First, warm up for a bit with jumping jacks or run in place.
  2. Then, do roll back tuck jumps for one minute (*try not to use your hands to lift up, and land softly on your feet)
  3. Next, jump rope for one minute.
  4. Rest for one minute, then repeat the tuck jumps/jump rope as many times as you can (try 3-4 sets).
If you don’t have a jump rope just pretend that you do.
It is important to remember to tuck your chin when rolling back and tighten your core the entire time.
The first time I tried the roll back tuck jumps I overdid it and didn’t tuck my chin or use my core enough.  This resulted in a strained trapezius muscle which felt like whiplash and the pain lasted for almost two weeks.  The positive thing is that this incident led me to discover an all natural DIY Kitty Balm recipe (similar to Tiger Balm) to soothe my aching muscle.  Kitty Balm uses healing essential oils and is not petroleum-based (recipe link below).  The negative part is that the strained muscle REALLY hurt and I recommend paying close attention to your form so that you don’t injure yourself.  Know your limits and give yourself adequate time to fully recover.

tuck_jumps_katiemaevescott_002I slowed down the portion of the video where I discover a knot in my jump rope which conveniently muffles my swearing.  That brief section will also give you a chance to enjoy watching the snowflakes fall in slow motion which is much more peaceful than listening to my sailor mouth.  Then I sped up the one minute jump rope section because it has such a hysterical effect.  See if you can jump that fast (20x faster than reality)!

This was filmed in Fort Collins near Horsetooth Reservoir, February 2015.  I was at an elevation of about 5,400 feet which is why I’m out of breath.

tuck jumps from Katie Maeve Scott on Vimeo.

DIY natural “Kitty Balm” ingredients (*just in case*):

Shea butter- 1 oz.

Beeswax- 2 oz.

Carrier Oil (I used Jojoba) – 2 oz.

Essential Oils: Lavender (20 drops), Niaouli (12 drops), Eucalyptus (12 drops), Cajeput (15 drops), & Blue Chamomile (5 drops)

Use a double boiler to melt the first three ingredients.  Let it cool slightly and then mix in your essential oils.  Pour into small jars and let cool.

Please see the original recipe found on Scratch Mommy blog- here.  She details the healing properties of each essential oil.

I found that the natural Kitty Balm didn’t have the intense warming effect of Tiger Balm but I appreciate letting the essential oils do the healing without the layer of Parafin Petrolatum on my skin.  Next time I will experiment with adding extra drops of Cajeput for more heat.  While making my first batch I put some of the balm on my trapezius muscle when the mixture was still slightly warm from the boiler and that was REALLY nice.  Perhaps that’s what you can do for a lingering injury- heat the Kitty Balm slightly and then rub it into the tender area.  That’s a real treat for sore muscles and will certainly promote deep recovery.


I created labels for my Kitty Balm and reused the Tiger Balm jar because it’s the perfect size for travel.


heart beets

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Need an easy last minute gift?  Go buy some beets for your sweetie!  Beets are full of health benefits and they’re known as “Nature’s Viagra.”  Below I posted a few creative garnishes you can add to a healthy dose of beet-vegetable juice as well as a link to a super sweet recipe for homemade beetroot lipstick.

Give the gift of health:

Beets contain high amounts of boron, which is directly related to the production of human sex hormones.

Beets are high in many vitamins and minerals.  To name a few-  potassium, magnesium, fiber, phosphorus, iron; vitamins A, B & C; beta-carotene and folic acid.

Beets cleanse the body.  They are a wonderful tonic for the liver, works as a purifier for the blood, and can help prevent various forms of cancer.

Beets help your mental health.  They contain trytophan, which relaxes the mind and creates a sense of well-being, similar to chocolate.

Beets boost your brain and energy levels.  They are high in natural nitrates, which are converted to nitric oxide in the body. Nitric oxide is known to expand the walls of blood vessels so you can enjoy more oxygen, more nutrients, and more energy.  Blood flow!

heartbeets_katiemaevescott001Beet flowers: thinly sliced beets anchored on a tooth pick with basil leaves.  See the tutorial here.  I attached the beet flowers to celery that I sliced and curled in cool water.


heartbeets_katiemaevescott003Heart beets.  Thinly sliced beets cut into a heart shape and anchored on a skewer.  Add some arrows for extra flare.

heartbeets_katiemaevescott004I use a clean piece of paper to create a perfect heart stencil.  Press the paper on the sliced beet to get an outline of the diameter of your heart, fold the paper in half and cut out the perfect heart with a pair of scissors.  Then use a very sharp knife to slice around the heart stencil.


heartbeets_katiemaevescott007The starburst shape above is a golden beet that adds wonderful color to your garnish.  I also blanched the pineapple greens to make the color pop.  Below you can see the before (left) and after (right) effects of blanching the greens.

heartbeets_katiemaevescott006Make some homemade lipstick with beetroot powder!  I tried out a few recipes and the one from Gingerly Made turned out the best.  The ingredient list is so simple:  beeswax, shea butter and beet root powder.

heartbeets_katiemaevescott008Below shows what the lipstick looks like immediately after “cooking” it (left) and the final color when dry (right).  The effect on your lips is a very subtle, natural looking lip tint.  To see the final look on your lips you can reference the last two photos on the Treasures and Travels blog link here.  Their recipe uses fresh beets instead of beet root powder but the result is similar.


heartbeets_katiemaevescott011Chioggia beets don’t need much embellishing.  A simple heart will do for this pretty beet.

heartbeets_katiemaevescott012Wishing you health & love on this Valentine’s day.


Here’s a great Valentine’s Day song that perfectly describes the color of beets- Crimson and Clover by Tommy James and The Shondells (1969).  This song makes me feel like I’m in love when I listen to it.  The pink/orange geometric set in this video is amazing.  Check it out.

And Joan Jett does a great cover of Crimson & Clover, too.  She looks amazing in her muscle tee, tight leather pants and sneakers throughout the video!