fawn/doe :: gem/magic

fawn/doe :: gem/magic

I made a gem painting many months ago in preparation for the arrival of the fawns this Spring.  I intended to hang it outside and use the trail cam to photographically capture the magical moment of one of the fawns walking in front of the painting.  The idea was lofty at best but I held onto the belief that it could happen.  Spring came and went and there were no fawns.  It wasn’t until early July that the fawns started to venture out into the neighborhood side by side with their mommas.  As it turns out, the placement of the gem painting on the side of the house is perfect because the area is a regular passageway for these families.  The composite images below are in honor of Mother Nature and her beautiful reminders of patience and renewal.


Waiting for the paint to dry from Katie Maeve Scott on Vimeo.

This exercise is called “rainbow butt leg lifts” (for obvious reasons). Try it while you’re watching the paint dry!